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Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater – Why You Need To Have One? Leave a comment

We have all been at that point. One minute you are surfing the web, watching your favourite video on YouTube or playing an online game. But, the next minute – it all suddenly disappears when you come across to a Wi-Fi dead zone. At that moment, every single room in your house has full networking coverage, but the Wi-Fi signal in your room isn’t so good. Now, the question is – how to overcome this problem? What troubleshooting steps to take so you can immediately improve your connection? The answer is actually simple – get a quality wireless Wi-Fi repeater!

A Wi-Fi repeater or wireless range extender is an electronic device that will give a Wi-Fi signal boost you need! This device is, as the name says, repeats the wireless signal from your router, so it can expand its coverage. Basically, wireless range extender takes an already existing signal from your router or other wireless access point and repeat (rebroadcast) it. Functioning as a bridge, it creates another network in areas of your home where Wi-Fi signal is weak or nonexistent.

This characteristic of wireless Wi-Fi repeater will significantly improve the performance of Wi-Fi at your home, so you can use it without any difficulties. However, when you use a wireless range extender, you should be careful with your Wi-Fi device. This device will automatically remain connected with your router until you switch over to a wireless repeater.

Reasons Why You Should Have A Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater

With all this said above, we can see that wireless repeater is really useful device that will help you maintain a stronger Wi-Fi signal, by remitting them in other areas.

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It can increase a Wi-Fi signal at your home, without the need to move router or computer. That is the greatest advantage of having and buying a wireless range extender. As you probably already know, when your computer or other Wi-Fi device is further away from your router, the Wi-Fi signal tends to get weaker. The result of it is a slower connection. But, if you place a wireless Wi-Fi repeater somewhere between router and computer, the connection will be stronger and Internet performances will be way better!

Many physical objects can lead to weaker wireless signal at home. We are talking about heavy doors, closets and other appliances that can reduce the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. However, wireless range extender can reduce an influence of these obstructions that can negatively reflect on your connection. Place a wireless Wi-Fi repeater between these objects and your problem will be solved! A Wi-Fi signal will pass through these obstructions without any issues!

But, do you really need this electronic device? That depends upon many factors. First of all, do you have a Wi-Fi dead spots in your home? Do you need a Wi-Fi connectivity outside your home? Is your Wi-Fi performance slower compared to wired network? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then you should definitely buy yourself a new Wi-Fi signal booster.

Enjoy Unlimited Internet With EASYIDEA 5 GHz Wi-Fi Repeater

One of the top wireless repeaters in a world of Wi-Fi technology is an EASYIDEA 5 GHz Wi-Fi Repeater. With this wireless range extender, it will take you only 5 seconds to get a stronger signal. It is really simple – connect a Wi-Fi repeater to the router and extend your Wi-Fi cover range. Press WPS button on the router, then press the WPS button on repeater and wait one or two minutes. Just like that.

5 Ghz WiFi Repeater Wireless Wifi Extender 1200Mbps Wi-Fi Amplifier 802.11N Long Range Wi fi Signal Booster 2.4G Wifi Repiter

However, your host router must support WPS SSID and the password has to be same as router – it does not support special characters.

There are no obstacles for an EASYIDEA 5GHz Wi-Fi repeater. It will make a wall look like a thin paper, with its strong wall penetration specifications. A 1200 Mbps with 4 external antennas enables all this. This wireless Wi-Fi repeater can be connected with any wireless devices. A middle position between the router and other devices in your home is an ideal location.

You should know that there are two versions of this Wi-Fi repeater: 5G&2.4G version and 2.4G version. Before you make an order, check your choices carefully.

Wireles Wi-Fi Repeater – Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal In No Time!

Any home can have a faster internet connectivity via incredible wireless Wi-Fi signal amplifier! This is also a product of EASYIDEA brand that has a modem function and wired transfer rate 10/100Mbps.

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The speed of this wireless Wi-Fi repeater depends upon a main router. If a router is a dual band with 2.4G & 5G Wi-Fi signal, then this mode repeater will receive 2.4G Wi-Fi signal and give 2.4G wifi speed. It has a signal coverage up to 10 meters. This means that you can perfectly expand your networking coverage and enjoy Wi-Fi signal in Wi-Fi dead zones! If the place is empty, the signal will be better.

However, before using this wireless range extender, there are some tips you should previously know. First of all, check whether you enter the same password as your router and also check are there any special characters in it, such as ~!@#$%^&*(). If the answer is positive, then you should change your router password, due to the fact that the repeater can’t identify special characters.

Wireless Wifi Repeater Wifi Range Extender Router Wi-Fi Signal Amplifier 300Mbps WiFi Booster 2.4G Wi Fi Ultraboost Access Point

Also, don’t use the repeater more than 24 hours. When you don’t have to use it, then simply take it out from the power supply. You should take this action, so you can expand not just the Wi-Fi coverage, but the life of wireless range extender, as well.

Xiaomi Mijia WiFi Repeater Pro For Your Best Networking Experience 

Make your wireless coverage larger and better with Xiaomi Mijia WiFi Repeater Pro! This Wi-Fi signal booster has a 2 really powerful high-gain antennas, that will provide you with wider coverage and better Wi-Fi performance. If you are a proud owner of a larger home, then Xiaomi Mijia WiFi Repeater Pro is your perfect choice.

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The amplifier will upgrade automatically without any settings. It supports up to 64 devices to fulfill the needs of the whole family. It has a plug-in design and it is rechargeable from a conventional wall outlet. A transmission rate of this repeater is 300 Mbps and it is compatible with other router brands. Wi-Fi supported frequency is 2.4G.

Xiaomi Mijia WiFi Repeater Pro 300M Mi Amplifier Network Expander Router Power Extender Roteador 2 Antenna for Router Wi-Fi

As we could see, there are plenty of benefits of the wireless Wi-Fi repeater and every home should have one. If you want to buy the best quality wireless range extenders in USA with affordable prices, then One Pixel Shop is a place for you!

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