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Not so long time ago, security cameras were an exclusive privilege of big business companies or luxury private homes. But, nowadays, however, with the advancement of technology, video surveillance items have become an essential part of almost every single home. So, when it comes to outdoor or indoor home security system, surveillance cameras are a must.

Actually, you can witness these things every day. Whether you find yourself in suburban neighbourhood or in urban city complex, you can see security cameras everywhere. This fact isn’t surprising at all. Surveillance video cameras are getting more affordable and even more powerful than every, speaking in terms of electronics and protection. Purchasing demands of surveillance cameras have rapidly increased in recent years, due to the growth of crime rate.

Security cameras are practical devices which help you observe and record area that you want for the amount of the time that you want. They are the best preventive way to boost and improve your home security. Due to their many purposes, every homeowner should install at least one surveillance camera.

Why You Need To Have Surveillance Cameras? 

These outstanding appliances allow you to view an inside and/or outside of your home, at any time that you want. Security video cameras will let you take care of your property in the best way possible. This is the number one reason why you should integrate surveillance cameras into your home security system. Whether you want to view some area of your property from TV set, computer, or smartphone, surveillance video cameras are there for you.

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With their cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, you can easily advantages of the many benefits of home security video cameras.

  1. “Blow away” burglars and criminals. Security cameras are the best way to deter crime and to spot thieves. Also, when burglars see a security camera, it is more likely that they will change their mind and run away from your house.
  2. Help the police. Footage on your surveillance camera can be a crucial evidence for the police or in court. Police force can use videos or screenshots to identify a culprit and prevent future crime.
  3. Watch out for your family. Security cameras are your “eyes” and built-in babysitter when you’re not at home. Via these cameras, you can check on your kids or elderly members of your family when they’re home alone.
  4. Take care of your pets. If you wonder what your furry friend does when you’re not at home, surveillance video cameras will give you an answer.
  5. Insurance benefits. Why protect your property with a security video camera? Because you can validate your insurance claim and have discount rate on your home security system up to 20%!

Never Forget The Importance Of Indoor Security 

There are many cameras that can be your personal indoor safeguard in your home. However, we have managed to choose only the best for your needs.


This is one of the best indoor surveillance cameras on the market, currently.

1080P 720P Home Security IP Camera Two Way Audio Wireless Mini Camera Night Vision CCTV WiFi Camera Baby Monitor iCsee

Its internal microphone supports two-way audio and also this camera supports micro SD up to 128 GB. It sends an alarm push message to the App, due to the compatibility with mobile devices (iOS and Android). Besder 1080P home camera has three record modes and you can play back the recorded video at any time. With intelligent motion detection alerts, you will always be the first one to get informed when things happen!


True and HD image is strong with this one!

1080P HD Wifi Wireless Home Security IP Camera 2.0MP IR Network CCTV Surveillance Camera with Two-way Audio Baby Monitor

Zosi HD Smart Wi-Fi IP camera captures exceptionally fresh 1080p HD images, which are sharper and clearer than those of 720P WiFi cameras! This camera is capable of rotating 300° horizontally and 90° vertically. With this characteristic, Zosi HD Smart Wi-Fi IP camera will expand your field of view to a new height! When detects a danger, this surveillance camera pushes alert message to your mobile phone.

Other Indoor Surveillance Cameras

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This camera supports 3.0 MP super high definition and you can install it easily within few minutes. It is suitable for mobile video surveillance and it allows up to 10 mobile devices to connect at the same time via Wi-Fi! It is enough to just slip your finger on screen to make the camera rotate Up/Down/Left/Right! Monitor anywhere and anything that you want. Amazing, isn’t it?


This incredible home security camera has a TUYA APP remote control and it supports intelligent automatic tracking of moving objects. Two-way voice allows you to talk to your family at all times. Also, this camera has an enhanced night vision. Fuers HD 1080P IP TUYA Camera is not just an ordinary home security camera. It is a fantastic baby monitor, which allows parents to check on their baby anytime from their phone.

HD 1080P IP Camera Tuya APP Baby Monitor Home Security Indoor camera Surveillance CCTV Mini Wireless Camera WiFi Camera

Its main feature is a non-invasive infrared sensor which ensures clear and HD video at any time of the day or night.


This camera with one-key WPS function supports Wi-Fi and Wired modes and two way audio/motion detection. Its smooth 355 degrees pan allows you to enjoy a sweeping view of the entire room and it also allows you to control the movements of the camera.

1080P Wireless IP Camera Intelligent Auto Tracking Home Security Surveillance CCTV Network Wifi Camera 2MP Baby Monitor

With built-in microphone and speaker, you will never miss a moment with your family. An intelligent (smart) motion detection will help you keep an eye on every movement that happens in your home. Misecu 1080P wireless IP camera will provide you an instant alarming email with images captured when your home or office is invaded.

Surveillance Cameras – Watch Out For Your Outdoor Security

You’re probably familiar with the importance of an outdoor protection. If an outside of your home is protected, then there are no reasons to worry about your interior. So, we represent you some of the best outdoor surveillance cameras.


This is a speed dome IP camera with PTZ remote control.

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It supports  320° horizontal viewing angle and 90° vertical viewing angle. You can control it directly by YCC365 App at anytime and anywhere. Also, this camera supports 1. 0~4. 0 X Digital Zoom. Marlboze outdoor Wi-Fi PTZ camera functions on 3 switchable modes: infrared night vision, full colour night vision and smart night vision. It automatically switches between the day and the night. With the two way real audio, you can talk with family whenever you want.


This is a mini Yoosee PTZ Wi-Fi camera with smart colour night vision. It works with ONVIF Protocol and it is compatible with the third-party ONVIF NVR. Besder security outdoor camera supports motion detection and it instantly sends an email alerts or App photo push, if a suspicious activity is detected. With free App Yoosee, you can view an area of your property remotely anytime and anywhere with IOS and Android device.

Tip: You might need to buy a 3 meter extension cable separately.


Now, this is an HD AI humanoid detection mini PTZ waterproof surveillance camera. The metal shelf extends the life of this camera. It includes a 2 million high-definition lens in wide angle!

Wide Angle 2.8mm Outdoor IP Camera PoE 1080P 960P 720P Metal Case ONVIF Security Waterproof IP Camera CCTV 4PCS ARRAY LED

Also, this camera supports a motion detection, it captures photos automatically and send an email alert when detects an object moving.

Find The Best Quality Surveillance Items Online

If you want to purchase the best quality surveillance cameras online at the lowest prices, then One Pixel Shop is a perfect place for you. Besides security cameras we have mentioned above, at our web store you can also buy fake dummy waterproof security cameras! They are not real security cameras, they just imitate small high-tech security cameras. However, they do a fantastic job in driving thieves away once they notice them! Highly realistic dummy cameras will definitely deter criminal behaviour around your house!

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In our web shop you can find the latest technology security and protection appliances, such as access control systems, smoke detectors, alarms and sensors and other safety equipment.

One Pixel Shop strives to deliver the best products at the most affordable prices! Regardless of your location in the USA, the shipping is absolutely free of charge! Every single day, we deliver products to hundreds of customers across the United States, due to secure payment system and methods. Our professional team of experienced agents will provide you with 24/7 support.

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